Friday, April 18, 2008

Marvel Solicitations - Jul 2008

The Marvel solicitations for comic books being released in July are also available online now.

Sky Doll
# 3 - Looks like the art work on the (first) Soleil comic book imported and translated by Marvel has been altered. I went looking for the original at and found the same issue except her nipples are evident on the original cover. Makes me wonder about what alterations have been made to the interior art.

Punisher: Welcome Back, Frank Premiere HC - Collects the first 12 issues of Garth Ennis' run on the Punisher. I'm interested but not so interested as to get it right now. It can go on my wish list. [288 pp; $24.99]

Nova v2: Nowhere TPB - Includes the beginning of Paul Pelletier's penciling work on this title, although it is just the last two (of six) chapters that are drawn by him. Probably not worth getting just for the two issues. I've heard good things about the book but only from a couple people. I've also heard that the Nova Corps reads like an imitation of the Green Lantern Corps. Not sure if I should care about that since I don't read and Green Lantern books. [160 pp; $17.99]

Invaders Classic v2 TPB - Collects # 10 - 21, plus Annual # 1. If anything I should go back and order the first collection. I've got a few of the original comics but my collection is far from complete. Also, who knows when (if ever) the Dedicated Competition will ever reprint Roy Thomas other World War II era comic books. [240 pp; $29.99]

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